About the Designer – Katy Britton

Katy Britton began her career in the bridal industry 20 years ago as assistant to a prestigious
bridal wear designer. She trained in the art of corsetry, hand-finished detail and embellishment,
fabric sculpture and all the skills required to create perfect wedding dresses and bridal couture.
She went on to study Fashion at Manchester, where she perfected her understanding of the female
form and the construction of the most flattering silhouette.

In 2006 Katy opened Mariée with her then business partner and has since built a flawless
reputation for her services. In 2017 she won The Wedding Industry Award for the North Wests Designer/Dressmaker category. Katy Britton is known for her feminine and romantic style.
Her brides are often adorned with luxurious silks, intricate lace, hazy layers of chiffon and
organza, twinkling beadwork, whimsical 
corsages, and impeccable corsetry.